A Tale of Two Dogs in the Garden

Gardening and dogs are a great combination. Outside together we tend the flowers and enjoy the day!

White Vincas and Orange Zinnias fill the planter.

Title pun intended.  Our family has been so fortunate to be friends with two dogs and their wagging tails – just at different times.

Our first family dog was a golden retriever mix we found at the SPCA.  Such a sweetheart!  45 pounds of joy! She looked like a golden – slightly stocky build, long reddish tinted blond fur, white fluffy hind legs, sweeping tail.

Purists would know in a minute she was not true to the Golden Retriever breed. Her tail curled over her back, her feet were more pointed than squared off, fur not as thick.

Hazel eyes. Head a triangular shape. Ears always a pretty curly cascade. Our vet said she was definitely golden and maybe part chow because of her pink and black tongue.

I suspected a third dog was in the mix. Studying pictures of golden retrievers and chow chows, I couldn’t find some of her features.

A groomer once said her curly ears were like Saluki ears. Sounds exotic for a medium sized, good natured dog who we loved dearly. 

She was my constant companion in the garden. She’d stand nearby to supervise. She’d sleep in the grass, alternating between shade and sun. She chased butterflies and insects, jumping and trying to catch them.

She stayed outside with me until I was finished.

Now, when I need a quiet moment of reassurance, I see the two of us standing together in the garden sizing up the flower bed, under a warm sunny sky, with a slight breeze blowing on us. Blowing her long fur every which way.

The image brings peace. One of those moments you realize that life doesn’t get any better.

She made having a dog so much fun in spite of the work, worry and ultimately the loss that I knew we would eventually get another dog.

 A year later, we found our new friend. Our little comedian.

We went to several shelters in one day.  My husband wanted to think about which dog to get. I returned the next day to one of the shelters to decide between two dogs.

The first one I saw was the cockapoo with long, uncut curly black and white fur. He stood up on his hind legs when I came to his kennel. He gave me a long ra-roo talk with a growly finish. I knew this was our dog to love.

I did look for the other dog, but it must have been adopted. Things have a way of working out just right.    

His head is cocker spaniel and his coat is cocker-thick. He has very floppy cocker spaniel ears that he whips around when he shakes his head. We can hear this slapping sound even in the middle of the dark night.

The rest of him is poodle:  slim body, long tail, and tight curly fur. A hairy dog our vet says. We didn’t know that fur care was going to be so critical and a regular expense.

No matter. We keep his fur relatively short to prevent matting.  I like curly hair and curly fur.  I let his fur be poodle-curly. The only time it looks straight is when he comes home from the groomer.

He has that poodle bounce to his step making him look like the happy guy he is.

As a gardener he’s very interested in what I’m doing and gets right in the middle of it. I have to ask him to step away sometimes.

When not in my work, he circles the yard checking out his domain. If tired he sleeps in the grassy shade.

Sometimes he’s a sundog, lying in sunny grass, on the stone patio or even hot gravel to get his rays. When he’s had enough of the garden, he barks to go inside.

Doesn’t matter if I’m done or not. He’s done.

Picking up dog droppings from the lawn is part of my routine before I begin any other garden work. Keeps the smelly surprises on the bottoms of my shoes to a near minimum. Yes, I miss some.

I can’t imagine gardening without either dog.

I like to think that they would get along well if our golden were still alive. Both mild mannered, both happy, both gardeners in their own way.

Happy National Dog Day!!

Copyright Juli Seyfried 2019

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Juli is a content writer and serious gardener. She gardens a small yard in an older suburban neighborhood. Lots of problem-solving and fun on a small property. Always something new to try!

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