About Juli

My garden designs have been almost exclusively determined by the wacky yard we bought which came with the house we live in. I found out that our piece of the pie, which I thought was pretty much the shape of a pie slice, was actually some strange version of a polygon – lines, angles and one curve.

Add the rain water which has come down a gentle slope at flash flood speed from houses up the street, an encroaching neighbor, neighborhood folklore about the use of my yard, more folklore about the property line at the back and lastly the microclimates that exist around the house – near desert conditions in front, water park conditions in back. Why didn’t I see this before we bought the house?

No matter – gardening has been a source of peace, very hands on way to be in and with nature and a serious challenge to my creativity. It has excited me and frustrated me. I haven’t been able to sleep at night trying to figure out what to do. Gardening problems make me wake up in the morning early/ready to get to my solutions!

Finally found some things that work in the microclimates that also fit in with the rest of the yard. A small collection of problems solved. And some more to figure out. A gardener is never done even after the worst garden problems are resolved. There’s always that new intriguing plant…

As a writer and a serious organic indoor/outdoor gardener I share actionable ideas to solve garden problems, improve the beauty of your yard and get the most from your time and money.

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